Feb 28

The Nature of Faith

Faith and Logic

Faith is not logical in the normal deductive sense of the word.  But then again, faith is not illogical.  Truthfully, faith is non-logical; or more clearly, faith is not an example of deductive logic.  You see, faith sees and believes, and logic catches up.

So frequently, people deduce things that are just not true.  The problem may not be their logic.  Their problem could be their assumptions upon which their logic was operating.  When you make wrong assumptions, your logical conclusions may also be wrong.  (I say “may be wrong” since it is not necessary that a wrong assumption result in wrong answers to every question, but if you ask enough questions, wrong assumptions will eventually lead to wrong answers.)

So when I say that faith sees and believes and then logic catches up, I mean that a person who is humble before God will discover that Father reveals Himself, and when a person of faith believes, he often finds it necessary to revise his assumptions and drop some false and unnecessary presumptions about the nature of Father and of life.  And then logic catches up.

Faith is inductive instead of deductive.  And an inductive faith often destroys fallacious assumptions.

Leaps and Blindness in Faith

True faith is not blind faith; instead it is seeing faith.  Faith comes out of interaction with Father… seeing Him better leads to knowing Him better which leads to believing Him more which leads to seeing Him better (rinse, repeat).

There are no real leaps of faith either; rather there are hoists of faith.  You see, faith is actually a gift from God… revelation of God and His presence providing the strength to choose to believe.  I then activate the faith not by my effort, but by my permission.  “Yes, Lord” changes my position (hoists me up into a new plane) relative to Father and relative to the truth and life He is offering.

Father, I find suddenly that You are offering me a new understanding of You and of living… a new truth… and even the ability to abandon my old dead “truths”… and I find that You are trustworthy… and I believe!

Faith is Relational

Faith is primarily in God not about God.  Faith extrapolates my experience of God… via His speaking or other active revelation to me… into further experience of God and His nature and His ways… into being made into His likeness.

Faith is primarily about what is not yet seen… but faith is not all-at-once but progressive.  Faith is the mechanism by which the unseen becomes the known, the experienced, the having-become like Him.

Oct 06

Thoughts on a Straw-God

Truth that is of a dimensionality beyond the testing dimensions cannot be disproven by such a test.  Truth that is 2D cannot be undermined even by evidence in 1D.  A 1D man living on a geometric line knows that having traversed through point B on his way from A to C, he must reverse course and pass through B before reaching A again.  The 2D Cartesian man knows better –if he simply goes forward and then right and then backward and left, he can circumvent those points directly between A and C, but he knows that the total amount of forward must be compensated by an equal amount of backward if he has any hope of reaching the same point, and similarly with right and left.  The 2D man living on a spherically curved space is not even as constrained as Mr. 2D Cartesian since knows he need never reverse course but can just keep going forward (around his globe) to get to the same point.  Every person’s perspective on truth is dependent on his dimensionality and, more importantly, even on his perception of his dimensionality.

If one is willing to postulate “God” truth but then limits evidence to human dimensions, he is introducing his own inconsistency into the equation, and when he finds these inconsistencies, he is not discovering inherent falseness.  This is the consistent reality of every supposed disproof of God.  “The problem of evil” is not a problem until inconsistent “truths” are imposed on the situation.  If you posit “God” then beware other assumptions that lead to inconsistencies – if you posit God, you must at least leave open the possibility that you must also maintain Him as the very definition of good, as dramatically more knowledgeable than you, as a better judge of what is good and how it can be executed, as Someone Who prefers to be without proof for the moment, as One Whose existence and therefore Whose truth must be transformed to fit into the reduced dimensionality of the thinker’s thoughts.  It is a strange God indeed who must kneel before the judgment seat of one of His creation to receive a ruling on His goodness or lack thereof – is it any wonder that this straw-God is found wanting?

Not all truth must be provable, and science has been clearly discovered numerous arenas in which truth which must exist cannot be proven, and sometimes not even accessed (e.g. things occurring beyond my event horizon).  God’s existence is neither provable nor disprovable under current circumstances.  That is at least effectively a working truth from thousands of years of constant attention to the question, and it is also a proposition that can certainly be logically argued.  But despite God’s insubordination to logic, belief in Him has (or at least one must leave open the possibility that it has) significant consequences both in these dimensions and beyond.

Dec 18

An Inconvenient Definition of Truth

Are you adamant? Does that make you more likely to be correct?

I am sure, adamant.  Does my stubborn certainty assist me in my quest to make you believe me?  Should it?  Hint: I know a ton of stubborn people that are inflexibly convinced of “truths” amazingly inconsistent with one another.

What if I can sound really reasonable… will you believe me then?  Note hint above, substituting “reasonable” for “stubborn.”

So many people tie their concept of truth down to their best understanding of the Bible.  But is that the real solution?  Everyone else has another interpretation… that goes along with each person’s tendencies… and gets us nowhere.

If I can spew Bible verses to support my stance, does that make you believe me?  Should it?  Note hint above, substituting “Biblical.”

If you really believe me and I really know TRUTH, do you?  Not really – not necessarily.  You see, we so often confuse the nature of TRUTH with the nature of our understanding.  We like truths that can be easily summarized in a few words or a concise truism, but truth is not an understanding but a Person, not a doctrine or a rule or a set of facts but the Living Word of God – Jesus Himself – Who is the Exact Representation of the Father.  Which is inconvenient as a definition of TRUTH. It would be so nice if we could memorize the executive summary of God – just His abstract – and then really have the TRUTH.  Instead we have to be dependent on a definition that is so large and complex and living and different that any attempt to summarize Him invariably puts one at odds with Him.  To know TRUTH, we need to know God.  Like in every situation… every minute… even if it seems to us to be the same situation as one we remember God’s perspective on.

Where can truth be found?  In God alone… not even in me… except where I accurately represent Him and the Spirit works through me to facilitate insertion of TRUTH.  What I mean is, if God inhabits man, and man sees God, man becomes like Him and if & when the Spirit of Truth directs said man to speak TRUTH, there is the possibility of TRUTH being received…  but otherwise, we have potluck of opinion without much chance of getting a meaty bite of anything TRUTHful.

So then, living the TRUTH is impossible without a constant divine flow – a veritable intravenous drip of God Himself.  Any attempt at TRUTH without the IV typically pollutes the whole scene.  Sure, some people doubtless get closer than others, but why settle for less than the TRUTH?  And fortunately, Father has sent His Spirit to live within us so that this IV drip is not only a possibility, but His clear purpose, an actual certainty, even a God-given guarantee!

So ask the Father to give you the Spirit, and get ready for a real change in your perception of TRUTH!!  Because it is only in knowing the Father, in every facet of your life, that you can actually know the truth… inconvenient or not.

Dec 10

The Nature of Goodness

Daddy’s goodness is so personal, and so personally merciful and gracious.

Daddy loves being with you. He will even appear to change His plans to accommodate you. When you are not paying attention to Him and are messing things up for yourself, His plan B is already coming online and is already taking place, and it is amazingly redemptively perfect and good… read: with Him, connected to Him, interspersed with Him, infused with Him. His goodness is so merciful!

Daddy loves being with you. He will even have you change your plans to accommodate as much of Him as possible, if you will let Him. If you will be led by His Spirit, He will lead you into the very center of His best for you, His perfect Kingdom plan, His amazing power and presence, into the very center of Himself… read: every time He directs you to do what is not your normal, it is so He personally can be featured more intimately, more strongly, and more gloriously in your life. His goodness is so gracious!

Daddy’s goodness is always there… we can resist Him, but He keeps on being good toward us… we can ignore Him, but He keeps on being good toward us… we can avoid some of His goodness via our deception and rebellion, but His goodness will seep under the doors we construct… we can reject Him, but His goodness makes easy ways for us to return to Him… we can equivocate toward Him, but His goodness lures us into more of Him… we can forget to pay attention to Him, but His goodness wakes us up to more of His goodness… we can dabble around in a puddle of His goodness, but His goodness will make sure we get wetter than we intended… or we can decide to explore His goodness, only to discover that it is bigger than we thought… and we can decide to submit to His goodness, and discover that it is infinite in extent, in expression, in dimension, in variety, in substance, in Him…

…and He defines goodness.

Sep 16

A Juxtaposition

Obsidian shards of despair piercing black emptiness, puncturing the hollow nothing of existing without existence.  Instead of the significance of being, reality is only the torture of inky agonies and furious furies against a backdrop of starless void.  Can meaning exist in the black hole of futility?

Effervescent ebullience by surprise, by design… drifting aloft into the pastel sky, the perpetual sunrising of joy.  Amazed by the lightness of reality in the face of approval.  Electrified by the infusion of purpose in the position of ecstasy.  Can existence be meaningless in the supernova of God’s eternal pleasure?

Sep 11

The Recursion of Reaching

Father was reaching….  He saw you as you were… needy, unloved, hurting, confused, in bondage, deceived… seemingly hopeless… His heart was reaching toward you, knowing what you needed, full of His love and healing power, full of freedom, full of truth, full of peace and hope… He Himself was the answer to every one of your needs and questions.  And He was reaching…

He touched you.  Somehow in the haze of confusion, you perceived a ray of hope and it was Him… somehow His inconceivable love conceived in you the possibility of something besides blind pain and unknowing destruction… somehow His voice pronounced His word (Himself) and pierced the cacophony of lies… lies of pain-avoiding traps, of bondage-inducing choices and lifestyles, of cycles of destruction extending back generations… somehow He reached from an eternity away with His infinitely reaching heart and touched you.

So a new life began… fledgling faith responding to unimaginable connection from outside the bounds of previous reality.  Shimmers of His reality (whole and wholesome, alive and living, mind-bogglingly other-than) began to become impressed onto you and your reality.  Elements of prior reality faded as He Himself began to become your new reality.  And every new bit of revelation that was met with believing transformed another deadly bit of former worldview into another glorious divine insight into His outrageous goodness and transcendent love.

Everything became relative to Him… it was not worthwhile unless it was Him… it was not good unless it was Him… it was not true unless it was Him.  And transformation began… from a dead you into a living you permeated by His love, saturated by His other-ness, suffused by Him Himself… and you began to look like Him.  It was a process.  It remains incomplete.  But Him-ness is replacing the deadness of you-ness and producing the ultimate aliveness of the oneness of Father-child.

The reaching is therefore being fulfilled… the heart of love has thereby been consummated… or has it?  It has!  But in its consummation, that heart is being reproduced and the reaching-ness of our Daddy reaches further not just for you but through you… even as the divine image of the Answer to all your questions is replicated onto the substrate of your identity, He Himself desires to reproduce His reaching in you, that in the image of the Reacher you may be reaching… because Father is reaching….

Aug 14

Creation vs. Redistribution of Wealth

Redistribution of wealth is one of the most cynical and self-serving notions of the political realm.

Redistribution of wealth posits that only so much wealth is available and should therefore be equally distributed.  But wealth is created by those with drive, determination, and an eye to the true laws of economics (e.g. sowing and reaping, generosity drives profitability, etc.).  Wealth is not a limited thing, but a thing that can and is regularly created.  Every invention that reduces the impediments to get what is needed creates wealth (e.g. efficiency in farming via better process, better varieties, better distribution; efficiency in production of any good through economy of scale or automation; etc.).  Every time multiple lower-cost components are assembled to produce a higher-than-the-sum-of-the-parts priced item, wealth is created.  Every time a seed is planted and a 100-fold crop is harvested, wealth is created.

Furthermore, there are no laws,  of nature or of God, that suggest that wealth should be forcibly redistributed by government.  (Although God’s law indicates that those who understand how to invest will receive a return and that those who generously assist others in need will be generously profited.)  In fact, it is foolishness and cynicism to take away the “seed” from the one who has demonstrated the ability to be productive and put it into the mouth of the one who has demonstrated a propensity to be unproductive — all become less wealthy by the redistribution of wealth because it hampers the production of wealth.

Western culture that was (sic) based on basic principles of ownership, responsibility, and freedom has created a higher standard of living not only for itself but for an entire globe.  Certainly the wealth is not distributed to everyone evenly, but neither should it be!  But the vast majority of the globe has been enriched by the wealth of the Western way.  However, it would be simple to undo this process.  Simply take all the wealth of the West and distribute it equally across the globe to every person.  Most of the wealth would disappear in a matter of a few meals, and there would not be enough capital to fuel the production of wealth.  This is just one large example of the principle that wealth can in fact be created (and generously distributed) but forcible redistribution destroys wealth.

Why then the political bent toward redistribution?  As above, it is cynical and self-serving.  Power from (not to) the masses is the underlying impetus of cynical, wealth-destroying socialism and its white-washed twin in American politics, economic liberalism.

May 23

Yeah, but did Jesus predict Harold Camping?

So now we all know that Harold Camping did not accurately predict Jesus’ return… but perhaps more importantly, did Jesus predict Harold Camping? But then, why should anyone care?

“Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many.”  (Matt 24:11) That was easy! We can surely agree that Jesus predicted false prophets, and Mr. Camping wasn’t the first.  Interestingly, Jesus’ prophecy regarding false prophets is in the context of the lead-up to the day of His own coming.  It is fascinating, then, that Harold Camping’s false prophecy leans toward confirming Jesus’ true prophecy!

But then again, many atheists of our day prophesied the embarrassment of Harold Camping as well… planning parties, creating whimsical mockeries using “left-behind” clothes in photos, making the most of entrepreneurial opportunities created by false prophesy, etc.

So why should we care? Well that depends on your standpoint.  So choose a world-view and read on…

Believers in Jesus

If you believe that Jesus meant what He said, then the remainder of Matthew 24 would be useful to you.  In reading it, you will find that Jesus’ commands are to beware of deception, to not be afraid, (by implication) to maintain carefully your love of God and endurance, to be ready, and to be doing the work of the Master when He returns.  Did you skip over this list?  If you are a believer in Jesus, Harold Camping’s false prophecy is a real indication that perhaps you should make sure you re-read this list and be actively doing what He says!  Let’s not worry so much about when and how and whether we are pre-mid-post-mil-trib-wrath-istic or otherwise, and let’s just do what Jesus said to be doing when we begin to see the signs of His coming!


Why should an atheist care?  Well, interestingly, the whole of the secular atheism establishment is strengthening the faith of the faithful atheists, bolstered by the foolishness of those who believed foolishly in that which was not true.

This also is very consistent with what Jesus predicted in Matthew 24: “The love of many will grow cold.”

Perhaps even more incredible is how these events (which Jesus said “MUST happen”) are setting you, my dear atheist, for your own failed prophecies.  But I should explain.

In Revelation 19:19, there is an amazingly crazy statement.  It says that the rulers of the earth all get together with their armies to fight against Jesus and his heavenly army.  At first glance, it would seem preposterous that anybody would be so stupid as to intentionally go out to fight against God, and indeed it is preposterous.  But this strongly suggests to us that there needs to be some very powerful strengthening of the faith of these anti-God-ites who decide to fight against the All-Powerful One.

In the light of this, we see that the whole Harold Camping prophecy, huge monies spent advertising his failed predictions, and even the media craze and popular hype of this predictable failure… all these are truly necessary for a faith-building exercise for those who desire to believe in not-God.  This has truly been spectacularly effective, although I suspect we will need even more faith-building before we can get everybody so convinced that we all head out with our AK-47s, tanks, and nuclear warheads to fight against God.

So expect some additional hype in the months to come… the Mayan Calendar of 2012 thing should help a bunch too.  Mockery helps a ton.  Figure out a good angle so you can make some money on the next one.

And one other thing, start to feel justified in your hatred for believers.  Jesus predicted this as well, so we can be expecting increasing militancy in your circle of friends and fellow not-God believers.

So, I guess if you want to get to my point, it is simply this, that if you want to continue in your faith, you will have ample opportunity to bolster your faith through mockery, leading to hatred.  But in the end, your faith-inspired (check previous blogs that demonstrate this) prophecy of not-God will meet up with unfortunate evidence to the contrary.  So my counsel is to beware, although such counsel is probably pretty hard to hear, right?

Harold Camping Disciples (or Ex-disciples)

Just because Mr. Camping blew it does not mean God did.  Your issue is the same as his: if you know the Book but don’t hear the voice of the Author, you will be deceived.  Shove the shame off.  Kill off the condemnation.  So you were duped… like most everybody else in one way or another!  You proved faithful, but unfortunately you were faithful to foolishness – find God and be faithful to the Father Himself instead of what somebody says Father meant when He said something some time. Press in and find out what Father is saying to you today.  He’s not mad at you, and He did not disappear as May 21st ticked away.  Just be happy that the deception has been dealt with and move forward toward God – not some religious futility promoted by someone who claims to know the Bible.

The Bible or religion never was going to save you anyway.  That’s God’s job.

Everybody Else

Well, if you are in between or just aren’t sure whether you believe anything or not, then let me say this: don’t get swept up in the mockery.  I know that it is very tempting.  Fooled people are easy to laugh at!  But in the middle of the mockery is the powerful deception that nothing is true… that lie that says that God Himself was wrong because a bunch of people supposedly speaking for Him were very, publicly, outrageously wrong.  And it would be very tempting to gloat a little bit about how you were less wrong because you weren’t even nervous on May 21st.  Tempting, but dangerous.  A better approach?  Do the God experiment, and ask Him if He would show Himself to you… then listen with an open heart.  Because if Jesus predicted Harold Camping, then we may be at the beginning of the end :-) .

Apr 26

Truth beyond the Provable

Huios: Well, hello, friend Sci-atheist.  I understand you wanted to talk to me?

Sci-atheist: Yes.  I knew you to be a reasonable person and wanted to chat about one of your favorite topics: God.

Huios:  Really!? Sure!  Would you like to get to know Him?

Sci-atheist:  Well, no, but I have been thinking, and I am pretty sure that I can refute any argument you choose to prove that God exists…

Huios:  OK.

Sci-atheist:  What?  You give up?  That was easier than I expected!  You agree there is no God?

Huios:  Well, yes and no.  I agree that I cannot prove that God exists, although you really have to do some philosophical cartwheels to explain away things like meaning and minds… and you really have to accept some pretty unscientific improbabilities to believe in things like evolution and the existence of an ordered universe.  But given all that, along with some serious quantum-mechanical hand-waving, I agree that I cannot prove God’s existence to you.

Sci-atheist:  So have you given up being a fool?

Huios:  If I get your meaning, I suspect we differ in our definitions of the term “fool” but actually, I am most definitely still a believer in God.  I just don’t think I can prove Him to you – especially with “scientific” evidence.  You see, the God I know existed before the stuff of this world – the stuff of science.  In fact, He created both the space into which the stuff was to go, and the time of its existence.  He exists… or existed… or will exist… or all of the above, since I don’t really know how to talk without reference to time… but His existence is without reference to time or space since these are merely elements of His creation.  There was a first day and will be a last day.  Along here somewhere, there will no longer be any place for the earth or the sky and it will all just not be anywhere.  I guess they (space, time, stuff) could all be considered “temporary” relative to the eternity dimensions in which He exists.  All of space-time, all of the rules inherent within space-time, and all the stuff inside space-time are elements of His creation.  Sure, He can and does interact within this bubble of His creation, tweaking this, inserting that, or canceling the other thing as He determines, but that is at His discretion.  So no set of natural experiments will require you to believe in God – He is anchored outside of this natural world that we can experiment on!

Sci-atheist:  But you say that He sometimes intervenes in the natural world – and I know you believe in miracles?!?  So why not have Him do a miracle right now for me?

Huios:  Well, first of all, He is God and not me… I don’t generally “have Him do” things.  Usually I just talk to Him and then He tells me what to be doing and how to do it…  when I do what He says, sometimes there are miracles, but He is no genie in a bottle!

Sci-atheist:  But if He really wants us to believe that He exists, why wouldn’t He just prove Himself?

Huios:  That is a fair question, so let’s look at it.  First, let’s note that God desires to give mankind free will within the boundaries of this life within space-time.  He decided to allow mankind an amazing degree of freedom to choose – all sorts of choices, including whether to believe or not to believe in Him!  Second, my Daddy God does not fit naturally (in His fullness) inside His creation… the more one becomes aware of Him, the weaker is ones hold on the bubble of space-time.  In particular, if Daddy were totally exposed to everyone, nobody would have any free will at all – we’d all be believers!  So God’s desire for a man with free-will precludes your desired demonstration of God.

Sci-atheist:  So in a sense, God conveniently refuses to be proved beyond a shadow of a doubt?

Huios: Well, yes, for now.  As I understand it, after time is done (and I understand that this seems like an oxymoron, so let’s just say “outside the bubble of space-time”) there will be a moment (there we go again with time-words) in which all see Him, and then free-will will evaporate like every other thing that used to exist (time, again! J) inside the space-time bubble, and then, every knee will bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus…

Sci-atheist: Hold on!  Let’s not go there.  But what you are saying is you can’t prove God’s existence.  So you basically give up!

Huios:  Well, you see why, right?  Since Daddy’s existence is rooted outside the bubble, we can’t force experiments on Him.  Since God wants us to have free will, He enforces your right to think like an atheist… at least for now.  So you see what I mean?  There is no way to prove…

Sci-atheist:  That’s right – you cannot prove such a God, so I guess I win!

Huios:  Wait, a second!  He is not provable, but by the same token, He is not falsifiable.  And incidentally, if you consider yourself a scientist, yours is the burden of proof!  Remember the most basic approach to science?  It is a process of creating a null hypothesis and performing an experiment that falsifies your hypothesis.  Unfortunately for your quest for proof, I think you may have a real difficulty in coming up with any falsifiable hypotheses.

Sci-atheist:  No proof either way… hmmm….  Well if you can’t prove God and can’t disprove Him, He must be pretty irrelevant, right?

Huios:  That does not quite follow.  You see, the God I know is the most central part of my life… and yours too (believe Him or not :-) .  It’s just you don’t know it.  But there will be a day when knowing Him will be the only relevant thing, and you and I will both know it then.

Sci-atheist:  Yeah?  Your fearful day of judgment?  Well, how could a good God…?

Huios:  Stop!  Just how are you defining “good”?  Usually, someone who asks a question like the one you were posing defines a “good” that does not depend on God.  But a God Who is ignored in the definition of “good” is a God who has been defined away by the poser of the question!  Can you say “straw man”?  Define good as what God is, and then try to ask the question without imposing your own inconsistency.

Sci-atheist:  Ouch!!  Well, I guess that this whole discussion still leaves us without much of an answer… what a waste of time!

Huios:  Hold on, though… There is one thing that has been discovered!

Sci-atheist:  Really?  Proven?  What is that?

Huios:  We have discovered that we each believe what we choose.  You choose your perspective and hold to it with the same sort of faith of which you have always been aggravated by seeing in others.  I have faith in God; you have faith that there is no God.

Sci-atheist:  Well, you may have a point, but your faith is so blind!

Huios:  Blind is an apt descriptor for one who intentionally chooses to believe that something cannot exist outside of a certain comfortable bubble.  I have heard your own sneering laughter at those who believed the earth was the center of the universe, but there are many who even more foolishly wish to believe the universe is the center of all existence.  It is the same sort of mistake, taking that which seems central and assuming it is the ultimate center without recognizing that which is less comfortable and less accessible – that which is beyond.  But in this case, the costs of universe-centrism are even more significant than earth-centrism:  missing out on the purpose and person of our Creator and Savior.  But the consequences of choosing to know God are too difficult for many people – they know they would have to bend the knee now (in time) as well as later (after time), and we all like to do whatever we want.  “There is none so blind as the one who refuses to see.”

So there are some who are blind, but my faith is not truly blind.  Look, you act like you believe in me – Huios, a person – a sentient entity beyond my amassed set of molecules and biological processes.  You relate to me like a friend.  Yet you cannot prove that there is anything beyond my atomic carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, electrical impulses, genetic codes… but you believe in me as a person because you relate to me, talk with me, find out about me, KNOW me.  I call you a friend because I do the same with you.  I believe in my Daddy God because I do the same with Him – I KNOW Him.

Sci-atheist:  But I don’t know Him… if He exists at all…

Huios:  Then be an extra-bubble scientist and do an extra-bubble experiment!   Send a message out from this bubble into the realm beyond: ask Daddy God to invade your personal space and somehow set up a person-to-person connection… not so much a proof as a relationship.  Then tell Him you’d like to get to know Him… and that you are willing to get to know Him if He will show you something of Himself….  But only do it if you really want to, because He won’t force the issue… you can always choose to not believe in Him!  Still, I recommend that you do the experiment and find out that He is there.

Sci-atheist:  That hardly seems safe, if it were true…

Huios:  You are correct.  It is not remotely safe in the conventional sense of the word.  But it is hardly safe not to know Him since He IS, provable or not.

Apr 20

Covenantal Justice

Mankind fell.

Death was on the doorstep.

The great black hole – which was the alter ego (in free will) of the highest destiny of mankind in the most amazing love experiment in eternity – the great black hole of anti-holiness threatened to suck everything into eternal horror, anguish, punishment, and nothingness.

Horrifying, eternal JUSTICE loomed.

Yet LOVE intensely desired. And MERCY would be so very unfulfilled. The great heart of the Father cried out for His sons.


COVENANTAL JUSTICE is an expression of the GOODNESS of God in that His MERCY conspires with His JUSTICE to consummate His LOVE.

You see, God is HOLY. He is so “other-than” everything we know! He is PERFECT. He is PERFECT in all of His ways… His GOODNESS is perfect. His LOVE is perfect. His JUSTICE is perfect. His MERCY is perfect.

So when mankind sinned, it appeared (to an imperfect observer) that one or more elements of Daddy God’s perfection would have to give way to another… that either JUSTICE would win out or MERCY would prevail… that either the GOODNESS of the Father’s heart toward us would be satisfied or His HOLINESS would require judgment… that an irresistible force had come against an immoveable object… one would win and the other lose…

But Daddy said, “Ha!” – because everyone who knows Him knows that He is PERFECT in all of His ways! And Daddy’s perfect GOODNESS and MERCY conspired with His perfect JUSTICE and HOLINESS to create COVENANTAL JUSTICE! And in this way, He consummates both His HOLINESS and His JUSTICE by pouring out His GOODNESS on us! But I preempt myself…

Perhaps you know the mechanism… Daddy sent His Son Jesus to be a sacrifice for sin. Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and did not contain the fallen nature of mankind. And though He was tempted in every way as a man, Jesus did not fall as did Adam, but instead heard and obeyed Daddy perfectly – even to the extent of paying for Daddy’s planned COVENANTAL JUSTICE with His own blood. The basic plan was that Jesus would be the scapegoat for humankind, triggering the JUSTICE of the Father to require a complete divine exchange: Jesus would take upon Himself all the guilt, curse, and punishment of mankind and give in exchange to mankind His divine SONSHIP, HOLINESS, and RELATIONSHIP with the Father.

Please understand, the exchange was not one-way. It is not the truth of the gospel that Jesus saved us from sins only. He saved us from sins and into an amazing Daddy-child relationship with the Father – into SONSHIP. And if sons, then heirs of Daddy God – that is, we get everything that is His.

Let me say it clearly: our Father’s amazing plan put us into a fantastic position:
Daddy’s plan was to make possible for me to enter into an eternal legal agreement such that it would be a violation of Daddy’s JUSTICE to decide to not give me every good thing due to Jesus! Because of Jesus, Daddy’s MERCY and JUSTICE are totally aligned! So we can access that awesome arrangement that Daddy’s MERCY pleads for me, and equally so, His JUSTICE pleads for me, and His GOODNESS delights in giving me everything that fulfills His LOVE for me!

Please note one other thing: COVENANTAL JUSTICE is based on sacrificial blood, not lawfulness. It is not dependent on your worthiness to even a minute degree. COVENANTAL JUSTICE is totally prepaid, and it is imbecility to think you can add to it by any action of your own. The day of unworthiness is over; plead the completed work!

I will say it again:

In the garden, the HOLINESS of God required Him to separate Himself from the sinful, so… lest His heart full of GOODNESS be violated by His HOLY heart of JUSTICE, His GRACE and MERCY conspired with His RIGHTEOUSNESS to create a way for Him to be… to be all of the above to us! Under the covenant of the blood of Jesus, because of His good plan to express the whole of Who He is to us, the JUSTICE of God legally requires Him to (gladly) pour out His PRESENCE, POWER, GLORY, RIGHTEOUSNESS, MERCY, GOODNESS, GRACE, HOLINESS, and JUSTICE into us, consummating His great LOVE for us by giving to us all of who He is. Now that is the good news!

How do we sign on? How do we access this incomprehensibly excellent agreement? It is really simple, so be careful to not miss the simplicity. We believe in the goodness of our Daddy, and ask Him to show us how to operate as His sons. Then we listen to His instructions, we follow them, and we begin to walk with Him in relationship as His sons doing their Daddy’s business. Sounds too easy, doesn’t it? But that is the whole plan. Remember this: The day of unworthiness is over; plead the completed work of Jesus – access COVENANTAL JUSTICE!

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